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I am by day an assistant developer for a software company and by night and the weekends an increasingly craft and hobby obsessed maniac. This here blog will be my portal for sharing the failures and triumphs in these hobbies whenever I remember to snap a photo


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Cute Kitten Coasters

I made these embroidered kitten coasters as a birthday present. October has been a busy month birthday wise! Each of the designs are from Urban Threads. I like to think of them as a series expressing 4 of the 9 lives of a cat, maybe I shall make a few more to make up the complete 9!

Kitty Coasters

I promise to stop being lazy and taking photos with my phone instead of looking for the camera from now on!

Coaster back

And here's a pic of the coaster backing, a nice bright green, maybe next time I'd like to use a matching thread for the top stitching to tie the front and backs together a bit

To make, I cut a 5″ square of the front and the backing fabric, then fused a 4 1/2″ square of fleece to the centre of the coaster top. Right sides together, I stitched the 1/4″ seam, occasionaly catching the edge of the fleece for some extra security. Leaving an opening along one side for turning out, I snipped each of the corners then turned right side out and ladder stitched the opening closed. Finally I top stitched all the way around each coaster.

This was my first time making coasters and I kind of made it up as I went along, but I kind of like the result. Next time I shall try using a sharp rotary cutter blade as some of my coaster squares don’t seem to square now! Also using a backing fabric that doesn’t fray quite so much would probably make things a lot easier, especially when trying to sew such a narrow seam. All in all though, I am pretty pleased and the good thing is that they are machine washable should any drink get sloshed over them.

So here is the series:

Nerdy Kitty

This here is Nerdy Kitty having a munch on a calculator

Ninja Kitty

This is Ninja Kitty

Punky Kitty

And this is the rebel Punky Kitty!

Zombie Kitty

And finally we have Zombie Kitty, hungry for kitty brains eek!

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